I made the decision to earn a separate article about Mystic Messenger rather than simply commenting from the exactly what would you be currently reading thread since, although Mystic Messenger is very popular, ” I haven’t viewed many people talking it here. I’d love to attract individuals ‘s awareness into it in case they harbor ‘t learned of itand get more discussion about that one of a kind fresh VN.

Mystic Messenger can be a VN by the Korean organization Cheritz, the developers of the other popular otome games Nameless and Dandelion, also it’s at present only on android along with iOS mystic messenger hack. Like most cell games, Mystic Messenger is free using discretionary micro-transactions. This is sometimes annoying in some games, however that I didn’t invest some money about it and also that I was still able to love it with no problems. You may usually earn the in-game currency (hourglasses) which ‘s utilized to unlock stuff during simply participating in the game, and the developers are very generous about providing additional hourglasses as reimbursement for the servers getting during preservation and whatnot. Additionally, it ‘s absolutely feasible in order for this to become always a 100 percent free VN.

Game Mechanics

Exactly what ‘s exceptional about Mystic Messenger is that it requires place mostly through chat logs and at real time. For example, there may possibly be one chat that occurs at 8:00 am and another at 10:00 am. In the event you’re online inbetween 8 and 10, you will have the ability to engage and select dialog options in the 8:00 chat. If you don’t sign on until after 10, you won’t be in a position to participate within the 8:00 chat, then instead you’ll see a concise talk the personalities had without there, then take part in the 10:00 conversation. I’ve talked about it by many folks who assumed these mechanics seemed intimidating, and stressed they’d be missing too much of the story should they weren’t able to check it. However, I felt this was the instance. There have been times when I would only have engaged in 25-50percent of the obtainable discussions, plus it by no means hindered my progress. And you can always use hourglasses to unlock engagement in conversations you missed if they appear to be as though they may have already been more important.

Now you ‘ll also be measuring short e mails using minor characters throughout the game, and trying to select the correct alternatives to get them to wait an event at the conclusion of each course. Although I’ve discovered that not having ample guests in the big event can lead to a lousy ending, it’s some thing I didn’t have a problem with, since there are plenty of distinct possible visitors to try your chance with. (I state chance because it can sometimes be a bit hard to get the most suitable options your first time around with some of the guests,” however rarely bothered me as the wrong choices frequently contributed to funny little exchanges that I enjoyed.)

I’d find that after a while, I had been somewhat sick and tired of the true time mechanics and desired to merely read my own pace. I’ve enjoyed other VNs and games that had some parts of stuff occurring in true time, such as Hate in addition, however Mystic Messenger is long that it became only a small boring. I did still very much enjoy the VN overall.


An email from your mysterious stranger contributes the self-insert feminine protagonist of Mystic Messenger to a apartment that earlier belonged to a newly deceased younger woman named Rika, exactly where she discovers that she can relate to a chat room together with Rika’s friends. This group of buddies experienced previously organized charity activities beneath the name Rika’s Fundraising affiliation (RFA), however since Rika’s passing they’ve lost their enthusiasm. The sudden look of the protagonist, whom some feel was sent to them by the soul of Rika, prompts them to start organizing a conference again with her help. Although preparing for the fundraising party, the protagonist can become close together with the flashy actor Zen, the video-game-addicted faculty scholar Yoosung, the affluent business man Jumin,” Jumin’s overworked assistant Jaehee, or the eccentric hacker that moves from 707, and also find a few responses in regards to the RFA’s last while potentially falling into love. (Or just becoming BFFs with possibly some minor signs of romance in Jaehee’s course. Which is unfortunate, because she’s lovable )

Some of My Opinions

My favorite routes ended up 707’s and also Jaehee’s. Though I liked the other roles for the large part also, their respective character flaws sometimes got on my nerves, and that I couldn’t necessarily relate solely to the protagonist as much because I’d to create decisions I wouldn’t pick real life so as to get close with them. However Jae Hee is someone that I feel as I would get together in actual life, also that I felt like two overcame his defects at an infinitely far more interesting and not as insistent manner than some of the others. I also thought that a Seven ‘s route was the most interesting, and also being a legitimate path of sorts, it definitely consists of the most answers about the numerous mysteries. And I felt just like the ones mysteries were set up in a means which has been really well-integrated together with the more fun and casual portions to addressing understand the characters and planning the celebration, and also the transition to more drama and intrigue than comedy once the answers to them commence to get demonstrated was performed effectively.

There have been some points in that I believed the characters’ characters may be marginally inconsistent between routes. Gentle spoilers HoweverI don’t think that’s necessarily bad writing or anything, given that true folks will act somewhat in different ways in various scenarios also. And besides what and that I mentioned earlier about eventually obtaining somewhat tired of the mechanisms, I don’t really have any complaints regarding Mystic Messenger. So don’t allow those little problems turn off you what’s otherwise a really cool VN.

1 thing I believed I had been particularly well performed was big


I hope I’ve were able to alienate a few folks that hadn’t heard of Mystic Messenger previous to! I’d really like to see a lot more folks ‘s opinions relating to this on this particular sub reddit while in the close foreseeable future.